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Interested in learning more about Nicole & Company?  Here is a short video about our services.

Refresh Your Home!
2 Hours of Amazing Design Ideas for your Home
Refresh Your Home!
6 Hour Package
Consultation + Shopping Together + Finishing Touches
1 Day
Room Makeover
A Completely
Fresh Start
10 + Hr. Design Package
We can help you with everything needed to create a brand new space from start to finish
Start to Finish!
Desgn Consultation

Decorating Consultation

This is the perfect starting point for any interior design project! Our designer is available for a 2-hour consultation to help you with any of your decorating dilemmas--whether it's helping you select new furniture or accessories, creating a new look for a room, rearranging and working with furniture/accessories you already own, selecting paint colors, selecting materials (countertops, tile, flooring, etc.), or just bringing your look together. We can either focus the entire 2-hour appointment on doing an in-depth design plan of 1-2 rooms, or help you with recommendations in multiple rooms of your home. It's amazing what can be accomplished in only two hours! Within 24 hours of your appointment, we will email you a list of the recommendations we discussed.

* Pricing: $250 for a 2-hour initial appointment.

*Additional time and follow-up appointments can be requested at $95/hour

1 Day Makeover

1 Day Room Makeover--Taking your Room from"Okay" to "Amazing!"

Do you have 1-2 rooms in your home that aren't quite coming together? Maybe the rooms already have furniture you like and a few additional pieces, but don't look as picture-perfect as you wanted? A 1 Day Design Makeover might be a great choice for you!


During a 1 Day Design Makeover, we begin by meeting together to discuss your goals, objective, and budget for your decor. Next, our designer creates a customized design plan for your room based on your specific critera. Then we shop together at your favorite stores to select items to complete the plan for your room.  We typically shop together both online and in-person to select the perfect pieces. The final step is to meet back at your home and put all the finishing touches in place in your fresh, new room. 

*Pricing is $595 for a 6-hour design package+ the cost of items purchased (art, accessories, etc.)

*Additional design time and follow-up appointments can be added at $95/hour

*If your project requires additional assistance, such as handyman services or a painter, we have talented tradespeople we can recommend.

start to finish

Contact Nicole & Company TODAY

to schedule an in-home appointment!

Start to Finish Package!

Want to enjoy a brand new, "turn-key" space with all new furniture, accessories, and more? Want us to handle all the little details, like supervising the handyman and wallpaper installer? Then the Start to Finish Package is for you!

We begin by meeting to discuss your goals, dreams, and budget for your new space.  Next, our designers shop on your behalf at your favorite stores and showrooms (either with you or on our own, whichever is your preference) to select the perfect pieces for your home. Then we do everything needed to complete your space, supervising the tradesman and installers, completing any finishing touches, and more. 

When our team is finished, you'll have a brand new space you'll love!

* Pricing starts at $995 for a 10-hour package (+ materials for your home, such as furniture, accessories, etc.)

*Additional time and follow-up appointments can be requested at $95/hour

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