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Interested in learning more about home staging by Nicole & Company?  Here is a short video about our services.

We stage occupied and vacant homes

Occupied Staging Services

Occupied Staging
Staging Consultation
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Photo Prep

Staging Magic Using Your Possessions
Photo Prep
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Light Staging
Staging Magic Using Our Accessories
Light Staging
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Staging Magic Using Your Possessions +
Our Accessories + More
Light Staging+ 
Photo Prep+More
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Staging Consult

Home Staging Consultation With Staging Success Plan

A home staging consultation is an essential step for creating a staging plan for your home. All of our clients who will be living in their home while it's on the market begin with a staging consultation. It can be a stand alone service, or we can return when you are ready to provide additional assistance.


During a staging consultation your stager will walk room-by-room throughout your home and formulate a plan to enhance each space with the goal of helping your home sell faster and for top dollar.


This view through a “buyer’s eyes” will include recommendations for your specific home.  Recommendations may address paint colors, accessories, landscaping, furniture layout, and other tricks of the staging trade. 


Within 24 hours of your staging appointment, your stager will email you and your real estate agent a prioritized list of the recommendations we discussed.


*Pricing is $195 for listings with 30 minutes of Salt Lake County. An average consultation is 1.5 hours Note: if your home is more than 30 minutes from Salt Lake County, we may still be able to accommodate you. Please email us at


Photo Prep

Additional Assistance: Photo Prep (Staging Magic using your possessions)


Strong listing photos can put your home in a stronger market position. During Photo Prep, we return to do our staging magic just before your listing photos are taken--arranging your accessories, bedding, towels, art, and more--all done with a designer touch for your photos to look "picture perfect."

This service is available to homeowners who have completed their homework from their staging consultation. Many of our clients have us return for Photo Prep, as well as Light Staging (Staging Magic using supplemental accessories from our inventory).


* Pricing: $175 for 1.5 hours 

Light Staging

Additional Assistance: Light Staging (Staging Magic using our accessories)

A key component in drawing in buyers and having better offers is creating a positive emotional impact for buyers during your showings. This can be enhanced through accessorizing. During Light Staging, we return with carefully selected supplemental accessories from our inventory (art, plants, and more) and use them to create welcoming touches in your home which will enhance your listing photos and improve the quality of your showings. If needed, we can also stage your home with supplemental furniture. Contact us for pricing.

Light Staging is available to homeowners who have completed their homework from their staging consultation. Many of our clients have us return for Light Staging, as well as Photo Prep (Staging Magic using your possessions).


* Pricing starts at $350 (includes up to 2 months of accessory rental)

Additional Assistance: Light Staging + Photo Prep (Staging Magic using your possessions and accessories from our inventory) + More



We're able to help as much as you would like! 

We'd love to

--stage your home with rental accessories from our inventory to supplement your existing pieces (light staging)

--stage your home with your possessions so your listing photos put your home in a stronger market position (photo prep)

And MORE, including: 

--shopping for staging materials on your behalf for you to keep (bedding, towels, fresh flowers, etc.)

-- providing a professional organizer for your closets, pantry, etc. We have a professional organizer on our staff!

--staging your home with supplemental furniture from our inventory

--and more, depending on your staging needs


* Pricing starts at $495 for Light Staging + Photo Prep

*Pricing for additional services available by quote

Light Staging + Photo Prep
Vacant Staing

Vacant Staging Services

Home Staging for Vacant Homes 


If you're interested in staging a vacant home with furniture and accessories, just let us know and we can schedule a preview. We typically stage the main areas of your home: a living room or family room, breakfast nook, kitchen, master bedroom suite, and one additional bath. More rooms can be staged, upon request. Contact us for pricing of additional areas.

*Priced at $1395 + tax for most homes (for set-up, delivery/pick-up, and one month of rental)

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