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Interested in learning more about Nicole & Company?  Here is a short video about our services.

Desgn Consultation

Decorating Consultation

This is the perfect starting point for any interior design project! Our designer is available for a 2-hour consultation to help you with any of your decorating dilemmas--whether it's helping you select new furniture or accessories, creating a new look for a room, rearranging and working with furniture/accessories you already own, selecting paint colors, selecting materials (countertops, tile, flooring, etc.), or just bringing your look together. We can either focus the entire 2-hour appointment on doing an in-depth design plan of 1-2 rooms, or help you with recommendations in multiple rooms of your home. It's amazing what can be accomplished in only two hours! Within 24 hours of your appointment, we will email you a list of the recommendations we discussed.

* Pricing: $250 for a 2-hour initial appointment.

*Additional time and follow-up appointments can be requested at $95/hour

1 Day Makeover
start to finish

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