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Local Artist, Tanielle W. Johnson

Today I attended a Christmas boutique in Salt Lake and was attracted to the artwork for sale at one of the booths. Artist Tanielle W. Johnson (her first name rhymes with Danielle) from Stansbury Park, has loved creating art ever since she was a little girl. She comes from an artistic family, including her grandfather, who was a sculptor and an architect.

20141114_144518(0) (1).jpg

I was attracted to Tanielle's work because it reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Lulie Wallace. In fact, after talking with Tanielle, I learned that Lulie Wallace is one of her favorite artists as well, and she uses her work as inspiration. Tanielle considers some of her paintings to be studies of this artist. Tanielle is also inspired by every day objects in her own home. In fact, the painting above is a still life of a potted plant she has in her kitchen. It's an original work of art and is priced at only $75. Her smaller original pieces, such as the artwork below, are priced at approximately $35.

20141114_144643 (1).jpg

To see more of Tanielle's work, you can stop by the Ho Ho Boutique on Saturday, November 15th, from 10-4:00 at the Old Meeting House in Salt Lake City. Her work can also be seen on her Facebook page at and on Instagram. Tanielle also does custom pieces.

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